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Markets 2021: when the dust settles, what will have really changed?

Pascal Bollon's workshop at Retail Connect One-to-One will be taking an eagle-eye approach of the covid crisis and its impact on the consumer behaviour.

We will propose a grid of interpretation for the coming year, discuss specific industry impacts, and try and outline what the offer could or should be, which technologies, what channels and supply chain?

Attitudes, perceptions, behaviors have changed, so it is time for a pragmatic look at which and how to grab opportunities, using recent and current industry events in stock markets or eSports as illustrating points.

About Pascal Bollon

By trade, advisor with more than 25 years experience with GfK R&T, in tech, channel and market research, whether consumer IT, telcos or household appliances. Helped tech MNCs devise channel, regional or tech strategies across the globe, especially Europe and Asia, since 1994.

By experience, lived across the globe, from France, UK, India to Singapore, managing diverse and multicultural teams from Asia to the Americas.

By passion, speaker at major tech and channel events across the globe.

My motto: listen, watch, read, … learn!

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